How to Use This Site

cook-look-rightThis site is an interactive family cookbook experience. The more you submit, the richer a resource this becomes. We want to know WHO you are and WHAT you’re cooking – as well as any tips and tricks or favorite ingredients you prefer.

Tell us WHO you are. Fill out a profile form to get listed in our profile section. This will let others know how we’re all related and a little about you & your kitchen. You can view other profiles to get an idea here. Here is the link to submit your own profile for the site.

SUBMIT a recipe. I created a fill in the blank form for uploading your recipes. Be sure to take a clear picture of your food when you upload your ingredients and instructions. Feel free to include family memories, or personal anecdotes.

Submit TIPS & TRICKS. I know you have them. Whether it’s the perfect time to boil an egg, or what to substitute for buttermilk – share your secrets.

Share your FAVORITE INGREDIENT OR GADGETS. What do you go out of your way for, to buy a particular brand? Sometimes special ingredients can put a dish over the top. What gadget makes your life easier in the kitchen? Let us know what you like, what you use & why.

Now that you’ve learned about submitting – let me break the site down for you. Obviously, there will be lots to browse – profiles, recipes, tips & ingredients. But it’s also all categorized by type of dish, style of cuisine, special dietary needs, family surname, and by individual submitter. Each recipe is tagged by ingredient, so it’s also searchable in the sidebar (ex. you can look up “chicken” or “potatoes”, etc.).

If there’s a category you want added (like another dietary need, or food classification), please shoot me a message through the general contact form in the sidebar. I can add it to the site.

A note about the sidebar…If you’re wondering what all the glorious food pictures in the sidebar are, they are active links to my cooking boards on Pinterest. I am an avid pinner, and am always looking there for inspiration. Please explore the links to discover dishes you might want to try!

I hope you all enjoy growing this site and we come to the table as a family for many years to come. –ea