Build Your Own Living Cookbook

If you love this concept, but you are not part of our circle of friends and family, we hope you enjoy our recipes. Now that I’ve perfected the process – I would be happy to create a family and friend community recipe site for your circle. Contact me through the sidebar form for a quote to create your own, customized living cookbook website today!

After you purchase your domain ($12-$15 per year) and hosting (approx. under $10 per month), we can build out a comparable site like this one for $450. Each of my living cookbooks comes with a format for easy recipe printing and is mobile optimized across all sizes of devices. You will also receive a link to training videos coaching you how to easily maintain the site and add new content once it’s live. Get a few family members to pitch in on the cost, and you can preserve your family’s memories and recipes for generations to come!

If you want additional functionality (password protection, additional categories, forms or pages, printed invitations or cards announcing the site, etc.), we would be happy to quote you a price to cover your expanded ideas.

Take a look at other living cookbooks we have built:

screen 4

screen 2